Changing Ways

Moving into Retirement

Couples may keep their family home years after the children have grown and gone. They often have settled routines, and moving can be difficult while they are still working. Once retirement comes around, it might be time to make major changes. Moving into retirement is often about spending more time together, finding new hobbies, and it may even be about living in a completely different environment.

Many retired couples are looking for ways to downsize when they move, but others could find that taking care of a house and garden no longer suits their lifestyle. They may want to relax and enjoy the years they have left with friends and family.

A New Community

It might seem that many retirees prefer to move into housing that is set up for older residents, but that is not necessarily true. A couple with a long history in one place might find a new community invigorating. They may have wanted to move there for decades.

Their jobs and providing a stable home for their children may have kept them in place, but now is their time to make the change. A new community could be the answer to their dreams.

Closer to Family

Society today is much more mobile than it used to be. Children leaving home as young adults might wander far from where they grew up. It can be difficult for the family to get together, so a retirement move could bring a couple closer to family members.

They might make a compromise between two cities far from their original home, or they might choose to be closest to one family member. The time to commute is often available for them, so moving closer is often more of a convenience than a necessity.

Time for Play

Working may leave mature couples with little energy, and retirement could change that. Moving closer to their children could be a time for play. They might find they are learning many new things as they reconnect with their children and grandchildren.

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Retirement may be seen by some as the end of their useful working life, but others embrace it fully. Moving to an area where family is closer could be a good change, or experiencing a new environment could be another positive way to live. Couples leaving behind their larger home for a smaller one that is easier to keep often find they have more free time to do what they want. That is the beauty of a retirement that answers the needs of the couple, and their new life could be the one they have planned together for many years.